5 Common Mistakes Made by Home Buyers

Looking for property online without any clear plan

There are many great properties in Tenerife and there are many options to choose from. Most of the apartments and houses for sale on the estate agent’s website look so fabulous that you can forget what you are really looking for. This may make you regret later. So before you start your online search, know the following:

-Maximum price that you are required to pay for the property
-Size of area you want to live and specific requirements of the location
-Number of rooms that you need
-Whether or not you really need a communal pool, balcony/terrace or a garage

There are some items that you can compromise on but having a clear list of specific items you really need will help you avoid being swayed by attractive pictures or clever descriptions. Having a list of requirements when looking for a house or apartment to buy will help you save money, time and visits to houses that don’t meet your needs.

Not considering added purchasing fees

Just like buying property in any other place, buying a property in Tenerife entails some costs over and above its listed price. Considering things such as the mortgage and additional expenses will help you know the total cost in advance so that you may have money set aside to pay the notary, pay taxes and meet the expense of the added value tax ( in case it is a part of the purchase agreement). Added value tax is believed to be borne by the seller by law but in reality, it is borne by the buyer of a property.

Not considering the state of the property before buying it

Some of the properties are offered at bargain prices because they are in a state of disrepair and require the buyer to do some renovation before moving in. Those people who have never renovated a house or apartment may underestimate how much time and money is required to get a house or apartment back to a habitable state.

Despite the fact that there are bargains to be had, it’s good to ensure that you seek professional estimates of the building work needed and look for appropriate discounts accordingly.

Buying in haste

The current economy has made many sellers want to make a buyer purchase a house as soon as possible. Real estate agents are experienced in sales and some of them know how to subtly or not so subtly convince a potential buyer to buy a certain house.

However, it is a good idea to always remember that buying a house is not an impulse buy and it is a good idea to take your time before deciding whether or not to buy it. Take a breath and see whether the house you want to buy meets your needs. For instance, it may be good to consider the location of the property, financing and so on.

Buying in the wrong area

Many expats believe that the coastal areas of Tenerife are good places to live in. Major tourists’ resorts of Las Americas and Los Cristianos glitter after the dull urban sprawls of grey UK cities.

However, is purchasing an apartment or house in the tourist district ideal for your family? Once this glitter wears off a little bit, most of the buyers end up reconsidering their buying decisions and relocate to places such as Arico or Adeje town where you can get larger properties at affordable prices.

In conclusion, it is good to decide what your needs are, take your time and avoid being pressured to make a quick buying decision. Also, consider the Spanish property portals when looking for property in Tenerife as it may help you find the best property in Tenerife.